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My Celebrity Stalker…follows me everywhere

I have a celebrity stalker, he follows me wherever I go. I see him all over the place, where I work, on my way to university and just generally out and about in town, where I live.

Every time I see him I try to take a picture of him, but my phone is so mega slow that by the time it’s ready to take a photo he’s gone.  Plus when I take a picture on my phone it can be mega obvious due to the bright red light that appears whenever you take a photo. I’ve tried to turn it off but it’s just not happening, so you can imagine, I’m trying to take an inconspicuous photo and he can see this bright red light in his face.

You may ask yourself, if he is your stalker how come I’m taking pictures of him and not the other way around? 
Well I have no rational answer for that, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

So this stalker, I don’t know his name, all I know about him is that he is a white male, is about 5ft 5/6 (I’m terrible with heights), but he is not incredibly tall. He has blonde spiky hair and I think blue eyes. The only thing I’ve seen him act in is the kids TV show Byker Grove on CBBC (Children’s BBC) years ago. So he has a Geordie accent, so I assume he is from Newcastle. He looks very young I wouldn’t say more than 24 or so.

The last time I saw him I managed to get a photo of him finally, after months of telling people that I saw this guy who used to be in Byker Grove. I saw him on the tube on my way back from university, so here is the proof, for all of you that ever doubted me.


Ignore the chick in white jacket, and the guy on the right.



closer shot but the flippen’ bars got in the way.

I admit the photos aren’t very clear, but he was sitting on the opposite end of the carriage, and there was no way that I could take a clear photo without him noticing. 

So who he is? Anyone know? And what’s he doing in the North of London?

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Last Year of Uni, here we come

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This year is my last year at City University, and it couldn’t have come sooner!

I’m tired, physically and mentally tired. I’m sick of exams, sick of revising for exams, sick of taking exams and sick of travelling into central London everyday to sit those exams.

(picture courtesy of tapasparida)

I’m pretty sure that I already failed one of my exams, but for some reason I don’t seem to care that much,  three grand I spend on my education a year, that should be enough to spur me on, make me want to achieve something and study harder, but it doesn’t. It’s not like that amount of money is just lying about for me either, I like most students have to pay it back, with interest. I would have like to have said that the thought of that alone is enough to scare me into sitting up straight…but alas! it does not!

But I have promised myself (or at least given myself a stern talking to) that I will try to do the following things, so I pledge:

“I will try, to the best of my ability, to find the enthusiasm to complete these 6 more months of pure hell, by completing my Final Year Project (which I know is gonna suck beyond belief),  going to 9am lectures (not that I didn’t before, I went to most them), completing coursework in plenty of time, revising a good few weeks in advance for exams and attending more employment opportunities talks”.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I think that I will just crash and burn, but at least the enthusiasm for being enthusiastic about wanting to be more productive is there.

But I do really want to get my social life in order this year. Last year it just didn’t happen, most of my life was spent at uni, but not this year, this year I take it back. Gonna see my friends more (try and make some new ones as well) and go out more and just try new things (this will probably end up with me trying new foods, which I found is turning into quite a hobby of mine).

So Roll on 2009, please be nice to me though I tend to be sensitive and all girly and stuff.


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So it took me this long to figure out blogging is boring

It’s been a while since I graced the pages of my blog, I thought I would miss it, but I didn’t.

I’ve been having fun, living my life, taking pictures, failing exams. Blogging takes time, energy and a very big thesaurus to try and make my vocabulary sound far more interesting than it actually is.

Blogging for Dummies

Blogging for Dummies

My friend Alice blogs a hek of a lot, at first I felt like I had to keep up with her, you know ‘ keeping up with the Jones’ ‘ and all that, but then I realised I don’t particularly care that much. So I stopped, turned off the PC and went outside, there’s a lot to see out there…who knew the earth was round and there’s life beyond Facebook?

It feels great, not feeling like you have to blog because you always did before, or because you for some reason feel inclined to. Now after a very long hiatus from my blog I feel like I can get back in the saddle without that constant worry in the back of my mind that I should be blogging about some certain event or situation.

Man it feels good to be blogging again. Though I probably won’t be back for several more months, it felt great to get that off my chest.

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Excuse me Cloverfield, I think your missing something!

Went to see Cloverfield the other day. The film has no plot. What a waste of a pretty good idea. But it did have one the ugliest looking monster i’ve seen on film.

I wanted to run screaming from the theatre, I wanted to be scared out of my skin, I wanted to hide behind the sofa (or cinema chair in this instance), but the film just couldn’t deliver unfortunately. So very very disappointing.


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It’s Official I Failed Maths

Actually it wasn’t just me, everyone on my course failed Maths.

All I can do is laugh. I guess I better stop horsing around and get my head down for those summer exams.

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The adventures of Super Maz and how she failed her exams

So it’s 2008 and Super Maz (that’s me) just got back to uni from the holidays, where she must have gained like an extra 200 stone it felt like. Damn those mince pies (its weird cause I only had like 5….a day…jokes).

pic courtesy of wasabicube

Anyway she came back to uni knowing that she wasn’t exactly 100% percent prepared for all of her exams, but still sure of herself (confidence was practically oozing from her). Having looked at the past exam papers, if Maz and her classmates were going to get a similar paper to what they got the previous years, she would ace those exams, not even ace them.. She would smack it around and flip them upside down. She thought she would be able to at least get between 50-70% depending on the exams. How wrong was she?

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would say 100. First exam she did (Internet Engineering, it’s about networking, if you know your not interested in it, it’s the kind of stuff where you would rather watch paint dry kind of boring), what a shocker, she had never seen a paper like that in her life, I mean what was her lecturer on when he wrote it? Some kind of drug that makes you think your students will be able to answer all these questions?! She’s glad she wasn’t alone though, pretty much everyone was feeling the same when we came out of the exam after two hours of hell. “Let’s kill the guy!”

pic courtesy of Mailliw

After that atrocious start to her exams, it got a lot better. Yay!

Oh how I wish that was true, in fact it just got worse, her next exam (Graphics) was better, but that was only because the lecturer gave them a lot more help before hand. After graphics was her maths exam, now looking at the last eight years gone the paper has been EXACTLY the same, same format, very very similar questions, sometimes the same damn questions, all written by one guy, this year, we got a whole new paper, well it might as well have been written by a different guy, oh what do you know, it’s a different guy!

Maz thought she heard people crying on the inside in that exam, many also felt like committing suicide. After her Internet Engineering exam, they did not need this. Maz and all her course mates all walked out of that exam with our heads held low, not daring to look at each other. Everyone knew you didn’t need to ask the question: How did that exam go for you? You would have probably got a very high pitched rant with a punch in the face, just for good measure.

She had never seen maths like that, how can you put a maths question on a maths paper that they had never ONCE seen in any of the lectures? Well the next maths lecture they had, oh man did our lecturer sure get it. That’s when all the guns came out.

pic courtesy of hmaisonbisson

Her last exam she undertook was something called Signal Processing. Now I would probably say what this is about, but in actual fact, I have no idea, I could say signals, but that would be the kind of thing where you take a question and turn it around, because you don’t actually know what the question was asking in the first place. The lecturer for this module is the worst teacher she ever had the misfortune of learning from. Did I say learning from? She hadn’t learnt one thing from the git, and I’m sure know one has. Just ask Alice (Maz’s fellow classmate and revision buddy extraordinaire!)

pic courtesy of hawkexpress

Basically Maz taught herself for this exam, the night before they crammed about 5 topics into our heads from something about the Frequency Spectrum of a signal to Fourier Transforms (never again will she be cramming the night before an exam). Why the night before?
Basically they had no idea what to revise, they then looked at the previous exam papers saw that the same questions always came up and revised like that, since all of their exams were so close together they didn’t really have that much time to look find out much about it before hand. So the night before it had to be.

Super Maz and fellow course mates are actually quite proud that they did this. Because after the exam they came out feeling ok, not great, but she thinks she passed, she doesn’t want to jinx it, or get her hopes up, so that’s enough about that.

pic courtesy of behruz

So that’s how the Amazing Super Maz failed her first semester exams. She can see her first class degree floating away in the distance, shame really, for a little while there she actually thought she had a chance to get that 1st, looks like she’ll have to settle for less.


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